Tax Deadline Changes

Dear Clients:

We continue to monitor information as it becomes available regarding the coronavirus and how this information pertains to our staff, clients and their businesses.

Our March 18 blog outlined that at that time, the tax payment deadline was deferred until July 15 but that the filing deadline of April 15 had NOT been extended.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced on Twitter this morning that the filing deadline WILL be extended until July 15th.

Many states are implementing legislation to conform with the IRS extension payment deadlines. However, every state is addressing it individually. Currently there is still no official word from New Hampshire relative to the tax payment or filing deadline but we anticipate they will provide formal direction well in advance of any April 15th deadline. Massachusetts has announced that they will conform to the Federal extended due date of July 15th.

We hope you will reach out to us with questions or concerns as we all work together through these tumultuous times. As we monitor the information provided, we will keep you informed.

2020-03-20 Memo on Tax Deadlines