New Hampshire Paid Family & Medical Leave

The state-sponsored New Hampshire Paid Family & Medical Leave insurance plan (“NH PFML”) is available for all employers and eligible employees. This plan allows employees to purchase PFML insurance that grants them a 60% wage replacement for up to six weeks per year for absences from work related to certain life events including serious health conditions, the birth of a child, caring for an ill family member, and specific needs arising from deployment.

An employer must sign up by December 1, 2022. NH PFML can be purchased through New Hampshire’s insurance partner, MetLife. The plan of coverage can be customized, however there are requirements that must be met. The premium cost can be fully funded by the employer, split with employees, or can be passed to the employees.

There is an incentive for employers who purchase six weeks of coverage through the plan. NH PFML will provide a Business Enterprise Tax (BET) credit that is equal to 50% of the premium cost.

NH PFML offers many benefits to the employers and their employees. However, if an employer does not choose to purchase this insurance or provide a similar benefit, employees can enroll as individuals.

Large Employers (fifty or more employees) that enroll in NH PFML will pay the insurance premiums through payroll deductions. For Large Employers that do not provide this or similar coverage but have employees who enroll as Individuals are required to collect premium payments from those employees who enroll in NH PFML through payroll deductions.

Employers with less than fifty employees can make payment arrangements through MetLife. All Employers regardless of size are required to work through the claims process, handle employee questions and direct them to MetLife.

As always, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. You can also visit the state website at