COVID19 Update

This is an unprecedented time. Our top priority at Maloney and Kennedy is the safety and welfare of our staff and clients during this COVID-19 situation. We wanted to provide the steps we are taking to protect our staff, our clients and their information with as little interruption to normal business workflows as possible.

No one on our staff has been diagnosed with the virus nor to our knowledge has any staff come into contact with anyone who has the virus or been in a situation where there appears to have been a known risk of exposures. We have taken the usual measures of having hand sanitizer available to all staff, encouraged regular hand washing, “social distancing” and other common sense steps to try and keep people safe and healthy. We continue to monitor notifications as provided by various health organizations on proper and reasonable steps to take during this time.

Of course, we have instructed staff to notify us immediately if they have any symptoms of illness of any type. Also, they are to notify us of any concerns they have or any information they have that they may have been exposed or been in an environment where there was risk of exposure. Based on this notification, we would evaluate the situation to determine what the best steps would be, including having staff remain at home and work remotely. Our systems are such that we have secure means for the transmission of data to and from staff and clients and for staff to work from home remotely.

We have moved to having virtual communications when possible and delivery of tax returns electronically or through mail so that clients will not have come to our office.

Of course, we ask anyone who is showing any symptom of illness to refrain from coming to our office. We still encourage clients to contact us with any questions they have on tax returns, tax planning or business issues and are happy to arrange a telephone conference call that is mutually convenient.

We will be sending emails to update folks on developments. Please feel free to go to our website to review blogs on updated protocols or any legislative or regulatory updates.

Thank You,
Maloney & Kennedy, PLLC